Voter Certificates

The Election Commission provides voter certificates for voters to use as another means of identification. Voter certificates may be purchased in person at the Election Commission and will be processed as the voter waits. Voter certificates can be used as an additional piece of identification for purposes of obtaining a driver's license or state ID.


Voter certificates cost $3.00 and can be paid for with cash or check.

Ordering Information

  • A voter must complete a Voter Certificate Request Form at the Election Commission.
    • If the voter is away, the voter should complete the request form and indicate who they have designated to pick up the certificate.
      • The voter may fax, email, or mail the request form to the Election Commission.
  • Orders are processed in person as the voter waits. The voter does not need to call ahead or make an appointment; however, it may be helpful to the voter to verify their registration status ahead of time by contacting the Election Commission.