Cannot Work, Need Accommodations, or Age Opt-Out

We understand that other commitments or life circumstances may prevent someone from serving or require reasonable accommodations in order for someone to be able to serve. Thank you for letting us know in advance, so we can plan accordingly.

VOLUNTEERS: If you are unable to work, documentation is not required; however, please let us know you cannot work by completing the Respond to Selection Letter Form.

DRAFTEES: Documentation must be submitted along with completing the Respond to Selection Letter Form if you are unable to serve for election duty.
Click the below button based on your reasoning for not being able to work. You must follow the directions provided and submit the required document in order to be postponed from election service.

Age Opt-Out

Medical Issue

Travel Outside of County

College/University Student

Paid Staff for Current Candidate

Unpaid Staff for Current Candidate

No Longer Living in Douglas County