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Political Subdivision Boundaries

Most political subdivisions determine their boundaries after the Federal decennial census. A subdivision may adjust its boundaries between each census; however, notice must be given to the Election Commission.

Boundary Changes

Political subdivisions may change their outside boundaries or subdistrict boundaries at any time; however, the subdivision must submit its request for changes to the Election Commission at least five months prior to an election in order for the new boundaries to be effective for that election.

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Redistricting Following the Census

Upon the completion of the decennial census, various organizations within the state revise their boundaries based on the population information gathered by the census bureau. For more information, please visit the Nebraska Legislature's redistricting newsletter page.


  • In March, the Nebraska Legislature will receive population information in order to redraw legislative boundaries.
  • In April or May, the Nebraska Legislature will complete and approve the new legislative boundaries.
  • The Election Commission will receive the legislative boundaries and will begin redrawing the precinct lines in the county as well as the district boundary lines for Omaha Public Schools.
  • The Election Commission will complete the precinct boundary lines and then distribute that information to the political subdivisions located throughout Douglas County within three months of receiving the legislative district boundary information.
  • The political subdivisions must then complete their boundaries within six months of the date the Legislature approved the new legislative boundaries.

Legal Requirements

  • According to Nebraska Revised Statutes § 32-553, political subdivisions must follow the precinct lines provided by the Election Commission as closely as possible.
  • The political subdivisions must also provide a written legal description of their outside boundaries and subdistrict boundaries.
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